One Heart One Voice is dedicated to growing, networking and resourcing Church Ministers & Leaders from across Doncaster and South Yorkshire. One Heart One Voice exists as a strategic network of Christian leaders, working right across the Borough of Doncaster and South Yorkshire. One Heart One Voice is about looking beyond the possibilities and boundaries of individual churches and ministries and understanding that the mission of the Church is a joint responsibility shared with others.

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What do Church Leaders actually think about Unity?

We asked Church Leaders 6 key questions, to find out what they think about unity.

Why is unity across church denominations important?
What is it about leaders getting together that helps you to grow?
What is the most significant act of unity you have seen recently?
What do you think makes an effective church?
What is the single most important thing the church can do for Doncaster?
Where would you like your church to be in five years?

Here's what they said.