One Heart One Voice is dedicated to growing, networking and resourcing Church Ministers & Leaders from across Doncaster and South Yorkshire. One Heart One Voice exists as a strategic network of Christian leaders, working right across the Borough of Doncaster and South Yorkshire. One Heart One Voice is about looking beyond the possibilities and boundaries of individual churches and ministries and understanding that the mission of the Church is a joint responsibility shared with others.

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Why is Church Unity so important?

"I love the mathematical definition of unity, “a quantity assuming the value of one”. There is a sense here of defining “quantity” in the singular, rather than in the plural. Imagine the church across a locality choosing to be identified in the singular rather than the plural? Every denomination, every stream and flavour saying, we choose to be known as one. What would such a church look like? Are we brave enough to walk a path like this? Is it even a choice?" (Ian Mayer)